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John A Pleasence

Joseph Wilfred Pleasence

James S Pleasence

Michael S Pleasence

Blanch A Pleasence

Gordon Pleasence

Azora Pleasence

Azora Neff

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John A Pleasence born May 14 1860 died Nov 4 1932

Plaque on stone reads Joseph Wilfred Pleasence He died for freedom and Honor

James S Pleasence born Dec 27 1896 died Aug 10 1908

Michael S Pleasence born July 25 1898 died Aug 10 1908

Blanche A Pleasence born April 2 1889 died July 3 1889

Azora Neff wife of Gordon Mar 1 1891 - Dec 1 1924

Gordon Pleasence May 25 1890 - Oct 27 1931

The family of John A and Margaret Pleasence. All boys and their only girl as well as his wife all died before their father. The son's names were Mike, James, Harry, Joe, Gordon, Edward, and Reg.

James S, and Michael S Pleasence were both killed Aug 10 1908 when two electric train cars collided on the Chatham, Erie, and Wallaceburg electric Railway. They were heading to have a fun day at Lake Erie and unfortunately never made it. Stories of this are available in Romantic Kent and other sources.

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