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Sophia J Pennefather

Sophia Lyons

M E Lyons

Antonia Lyons

Ada S Lyons

Cemetery Lot Number...

Location - near circle road near 180 degree turn outside of circle. Right on ditch bank

After repair. Note uprighted granite stone in background as well. So often people had commented on what a shame that it was that this stone was in such disrepair. Finally we were able to get to it and it stands again now for all to see!

Stone before Preservation work. In third photo cross has been placed against main stone for temporary protection from mowers etc until repairs can be completed.

Sophia J Pennefather died July 10 1909

Ada S Lyons daughter of Sophia and the late M E Lyons civil engineer who died Nov 10 1882

Antonia Lyons born in N Y died at Vancouver Nov 1931.


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