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Annie Laura Gallagher

Bernard Gallagher

Julian Gallagher

Julian Sullivan

Owen Gallagher

Sarah Ellen Gallagher

George T Gallagher

Margaret Gallagher

Margaret Hogan

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Bernard Gallagher born Dec 26 1841, died Apr 7 1931 native of Co Fermanach Ireland

His wife Julian Sullivan born Aug 20 1843 died Dec 19 1926

George T Gallagher born May 13 1873 died Aug 7 1948

His wife Margaret Hogan 1881 1967

Annie Laura Gallagher born Jan 2 1878 died March 12 1909 daughter of Bernard and Julian Gallagher

Owen Gallagher born July 22 1871 died Jan 30 1920

Sarah Ellen Gallagher born March 18 1881 died June 9 1957

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