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Monuments in New St Anthony's Chapel Drive 6

Ursuline Areas only now Complete

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NF indicates a marker placed after the Ontario Genealogical Society transcriptions completed in the early 1980's.

Note that there are two sections for each area. One contains the listings of given names and one contains the listings of religious names.

Each Sister's or Mother's grave is located near the location that they were living when they died. Thus those living in Chatham are now located in St Anthony's Cemetery.

E and O E

Sister Adrienne (Garbutt)

Sister Alexis (Callam)

Sister Andrea (Janisse)

Sister Angela Pinsonneault

Sister Angelica (Nagle)

Sister Ann Raphael (Butler)

Sister Anna Marie (Colton)

Sister Bernarda (Lewis)

Sister Bertrand (Robert)

Sister Brenda (Tighe)

Sister Cecile (May)

Sister Cecily (Carlin

Sister Claire Marie (Poisson)

Sister Clare Marie (Mercedes) Conroy

Sister Clarice (Lennon)

Sister Delphine (Gautier)

Sister Ethelbert (Marie Della Daniel)

Sister Eucharia (Trudell)

Sister Evangeline (Bairns)

Sister Evelyn (Jordan)

Sister Florence (Kelly)

Sister Georgina (Brahaney)

Sister Gloria (Elliott)

Sister Helen (Rowland)

Sister Herman Joseph (Cassin)

Sister Kathleen (Moore)

Sister Laurentia (Wickenheiser)

Sister Liguori (Nagle)

Sister Louise Marie (Sauve)

Sister Magdalena Boechler)

Sister Margaret Ann (Hogan)

Sister Margaret (Kelly)

Sister Margaret (Soulliere)

Sister Marie Claire (Bourassa)

Sister Marie Estelle (Tremblay)

Sister Marie-Paule (Lanoue)

Sister Mary Doreen (Clarice Drouillard)

Sister Mary (Eckert)

Sister Mary Elaine (Parent)

Sister Mary Electa (Pineau)

Sister Mary Ellen (Bourret)

Sister Mary Hilda (Weigle)

Sister Mary Julia (Gagnier)

Sister Mary Louise (Rooney)

Sister Mary Phyllis (Benoit)

Sister Mary Theresa (Angell Shaw)

Sister Mary (Turner)

Sister Matthias (Trombley)

Sister Michaela (Mary Bernice Doyle)

Sister Noreen (Brady)

Sister Phyllis (Moore)

Sister Priscille Therese Ducharme

Sister Simone (Myers)

Sister St David (Mary McConnell)

Sister St Gilbert (Rivard)

Sister St John (Lucille) MacNeill

Sister St Margaret (Hebert)

Sister St Mark (Rocheleau)

Sister St Maron (John)

Sister St Michael (Guinan)

Sister St Peter (McCowell)

Sister St Philip (Major)

Sister Theodore (Margaret Bridget) Doyle

Sister Veronica (Moore)


(Bairns) Sister Evangeline

(Benoit) Sister Mary Phyllis

(Boechler) Sister Magdalena

(Bourassa) Sister Marie Claire

(Bourret) Sister Mary Ellen

(Brady) Sister Noreen

(Brahaney) Sister Georgina

(Butler) Sister Ann Raphael

(Callam) Sister Alexis

(Carlin) Sister Cecily

(Cassin) Sister Herman Joseph

(Colton) Sister Anna Marie

(Mercedes) Conroy Sister Clare Marie

Daniel (Marie Della) Sister Ethelbert

Doyle (Margaret Bridget) Sister Theodore

(Doyle Mary Bernice) Sister Michaela

(Drouillard Clarice) Sister Mary Doreen

(Ducharme) Sister Priscille Therese

(Eckert) Sister Mary

(Elliott) Sister Gloria

(Gagnier) Sister Mary Julia

(Garbutt) Sister Adrienne

(Gauthier) Sister Delphine

(Guinan) Sister St Michael

(Hebert) Sister St Margaret

(Hogan) Sister Margaret Ann

(Janisse) Sister Andrea

(John) Sister St Maron

(Jordan) Sister Evelyn

(Kelly) Sister Florence

(Kelly) Sister Margaret

(Lanoue) Sister Marie-Paul

(Lennon) Sister Clarice

(Lewis) Sister Bernarda

MacNeill (Lucille) Sister St John

(Major) Sister St Philip

(May) Sister Cecile

(McConnell Mary) Sister St David

(McCowell) Sister St Peter

(Moore) Sister Kathleen

(Moore) Sister Phyllis

(Moore) Sister Veronica

(Myers) Sister Simone

(Nagle) Sister Angelica

(Nagle) Sister Liguori

(Parent) Sister Mary Elaine

(Pineau) Sister Mary Electa

Pinsonneault Sister Angela

(Poisson) Sister Claire Marie

(Rivard) Sister St Gilbert

(Robert) Sister Bertrand

(Rocheleau) Sister St Mark

(Rooney) Sister Mary Louise

(Rowland) Sister Helen

(Sauve) Sister Louise Marie

(Shaw Angell) Sister Mary Theresa

(Soulliere) Sister Margaret

(Tighe) Sister Brenda

(Tremblay) Sister Marie Estelle

(Trombley) Sister Matthias

(Trudell) Sister Eucharia

(Turner) Sister Mary

(Weigle) Sister Mary Hilda

(Wickenheiser) Sister Laurentia