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Alphabetical Index of

Monuments in Old St Anthony's Block O

Complete as of Aug 1 2010

Note! Other historical documents have incorrectly identified Block O as being much larger than it is.

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NF indicates a marker placed after the Ontario Genealogical Society transcriptions completed in the early 1980's.

E and O E

Burns Florence

Burns Patrick J

DeHoey - Albert

DeHoey - Barbara A NF

DeHoey - Brenda NF

DeHoey - Edward

DeHoey - Elizabeth Ann NF

DeHoey - Eva

DeHoey - John E NF

DeHoey - John Jack NF

DeHoey - John N NF

Gutteridge - Linda NF

Gutteridge - Marie Theresa NF

Gutteridge - Orloff - Nelson

Kelly - Josephine N NF

Kelly - William J NF

Laner - Katharine

Laner - Thomas H

Lucier - Barbara A NF

Miller - Mary Ann

Neff - Charlotte

Neff - Josephine

Neff - Lillian

Ollett - Elizabeth Ann NF

Roesch - Frank A

Roesch - J. William

Roesch - Katharine

Roesch - Mary Ann


Trudeau - Jean Roger NF

Trudeau - Joe

Trudeau - May

Young - J Donald NF

Young - M Kathryn NF