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F Baby

C Baby

James A Baby

Frank Baby



S Warren Baby

Josie V Baby

William Baby

Edesse Baby

Henry Baby

W B Baby

Edmund Baby

Francis Baby

William Baby

Janet Baby

Cemetery Lot Number...

Location - Huge gray stone with cross in circle near 180 degree turn in circle road and near the creek.

Edmund Baby died Sept 12 1879 aged 78 years

Francis wife of Edmund Baby died March 17 1883 aged 82 years

William Baby born March 12 1840 died April 12 1921

S Warren

Frank Baby

Josie V daughter of Frank and Janet Baby 1889 - 1894

William Infant son of Frank and Janet 1889 - 1890


Father (White marble stone probably moved long ago by lawn mowing crews. Original position now unknown.)



James A son of F and C Baby died Dec 31 1871 age 1 year 6 months and 27 days

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